The original trustees named in Mrs Swinburne’s Will included many of the leaders of the contemporary Anglo-Catholic movement, leading worshippers at All Saints, Margaret Street, and the son of Fr W. H. Cleaver.

The twelve original Trustees named in Mrs Swinburne’s Will (dated 6 August 1910) were:

  1. The Revd Henry Falconar Barclay Mackay, Vicar of All Saints Margaret Street
  2. The Revd William Bouverie Trevelyan, Principal of Liddon House, London
  3. The Revd Dr Darwell Stone, Principal of Pusey House, Oxford (2nd Chairman, 1919-1938)
  4. The Revd Charles William Euseby Cleaver, son of the Revd W. H. Cleaver
  5. Henry William Hill, Secretary of the English Church Union (ECU)
  6. William Donaldson Rawlins KC, Chairman of the Legal Committee of the ECU (1st Chairman, 1917-19)
  7. Henry Pelham Archibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, President of the Society for the Maintenance of the Faith
  8. Walter Robert Riddell (12th baronet 1924), Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford
  9. Ian Malcolm MP (knighted 1919)
  10. The Hon. Edward Frederick Lindley Wood MP, later 1st Earl of Halifax
  11. The Revd Fr Philip Napier Waggett SSJE
  12. The Revd George Arthur Weekes, Fellow (later Master) of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (3rd Chairman, from 1938)

These names say much about both the genesis of the Fund and about the intentions that lay behind it. Named first is Fr Mackay, the Vicar of All Saints, Margaret Street, who can be assumed to have played a significant part in inspiring the Fund’s creation and shaping the provisions for it.

Four of the other eleven original Trustees were also closely connected with All Saints: the Duke of Newcastle and Ian Malcolm were Churchwardens, and W. D. Rawlins was also member of the Church Council. Fr Waggett was Chaplain-General of the All Saints Sisters of the Poor. It is not too much to say that the Cleaver Ordination Candidates Fund was a product of All Saints, Margaret Street.

The inclusion of the Revd C. W. E. Cleaver honoured his father, the Revd W. H. Cleaver, after whom – it is believed – the Fund was named.

Most significantly, all twelve of the original Trustees were Anglo-Catholics, and many of them were leading figures within the Catholic Movement of the Church of England at the time when Mrs Swinburne made her Will. Furthermore, Mrs Swinburne’s Will stipulated that, when vacancies arose, new Trustees should be appointed during his lifetime by the second Viscount Halifax (President of the English Church Union) and only after his death by a majority of the surviving or continuing Trustees. It is against this background that the purpose of the Fund should be understood (and was understood by the original Trustees).

Fr H F B Mackay
(Trustee 1916-1936)